Mountain Tranquility

Journey to Your New, Resilient Self!


Trauma Informed Yoga

Connecting with your body, mind, and breath as one is critical to moving through grief, releasing trauma, and developing compassion for the Self. I invite you to move into a space where your body is comfortable in the here and now and learn how to make yoga and energy healing for your body, in your space.

Life Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Are you looking to TRANSFORM your life and bring wellness to your daily being? As a Master Certified Life Coach, I can help you create and implement action plans in the five domains of your life.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Stress, mental anguish, and trauma often manifest as acute or chronic physical pain. Opening these blocked energy centers can clear the way for healing in the body AND the mind. Utilizing energy from the universe, we will work with your body's energy centers, to help create a path for healing.

Meet Anjuli

Anjuli Kapoor

As Founder and CEO of Mountain Tranquility, Anjuli (on-joo-lee) welcomes the life force that supports us in this non-dualistic world. As a former nonprofit CEO, an author, a yoga instructor energy healer, and Master Professional Life Coach, she acknowledges the messiness of navigating our dreams and hardships and embraces living a full life on the other side. Anjuli is adept at holding safe space for others while they navigate the unknown. Please reach out below to connect virtually (globally) or in person (in the Pikes Peak Region).

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Book Reviews

"These seven practices for establishing resiliency in your life are exactly what we all need in these turbulent times. Don't just read the book: do the practices. Learn them; embody them. You can be strong enough. Let Ms. Kapoor show you how."
Ray Woock, MS, MA
Author of So This Baby Seal Walks Into a Club...
“Ms. Kapoor speaks dead-on truth that we all need to hear but do not necessarily want to hear. She makes the reader her mission, and there is added cultural perspective and perception, clarity, wisdom, and a roadmap to victory you'll probably find insightful and inspirational."
Stan L. Friedman
Executive Consultant-Consigliere
Pivotal Communications
“Ms. Kapoor shares immense wisdom, grit, and vulnerability in her personal experiences in order to guide readers into cultivating their own resiliency. The journey she guides the reader on is purposeful and realistic, empowering you to experience real transformation guided by a writer who has done the hard work herself."
Kallie Roberts
Former Client