Yin Yoga

Classical Hatha Yoga, more commonly known as Yin Yoga, is a slower practice that brings about breath and body connection. As our traumas and stress are stored in the body, you will learn how yin techniques can help release those traumas so you don’t carry them throughout your day.

Energy Healing

Oftentimes, negative energies stored in the body can prevent you from moving forward in your life and making decisions with clarity. Utilizing elements from spiritual practices, including chakras, reiki, and meridians, an energy healer can help you move those energies out of your body and restore the good energy of the life force that flows through us all.

Life & Wellness Coaching

This self-directed coaching puts YOU in the driver’s seat, helping you grow through personal or professional challenges so you can reach your final goals. You will be empowered with knowledge and tools to take with you, so you can continue building your resiliency skills long after you’ve stopped your coaching sessions.