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tuning forks

Pain Relief & Vibration Therapy

Though originally used with musical instruments, when used on the body, tuning forks can increase blood flow and support your natural healing processes. Vibrations from the forks open space for qi/prana (life force) to flow through your body and work toward relieving physical and emotional pain, without medication or side effects.

Energy Healing

Negative experiences can affect our physical and energetic bodies. Working with the ancient chakra system from my family’s cultural heritage, I can teach you how to release energies that no longer serve you. Ground to the power of the Earth to create space for your Centered Spiritual Self. Learn to shed guilt, shame, and grief, and relieve your Self of pain.

Holistic View

At Mountain Tranquility, I take a holistic view, connecting you with Earth and Spirit while supporting your body’s natural healing processes. Nontraditional therapies include sound & vibration, ayurvedic medicine,  transformational coaching, body and breath work through yin yoga, and other healing modalities.

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Limited Time Offer 35% Discount